Thursday, August 20, 2009

Google scam

I'm posting this in order to try and save anyone who reads this the trouble I've been through. Supposedly, Google will pay you to 'work from home.' A family member sent me this:

Here's their little blurb:

The billion dollar company has never opened it's doors to hire from the public before. As of January 2009 the company was worth approximately 220 billion dollars and is the most used internet search engine in the world.

Today they have openend their doors and will be hiring thousands of people to simply posting links from the comfort of their homes.

So, I read and clicked around to this site:

I paid the token fee (less than two dollars) and waited for someone to call me as per their instructions. They told me about three different things they were signing me up for and guaranteed me no money would be withdrawn from my checking account unless I later authorized it as a monthly withdrawal. Thus far, I've been charged $72 once and $39 twice for services I never received. Services I should never have been charged for.

Beware: it's a big, fat scam.